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What Class Should I Register For?

Class Levels ...

Mini Gym                                
Ages 3-4.  This class is centered around age appropriate movement and also develops socialization. 

Skills: Long hang on bars, forward rolls, tuck jump dismount on beam, straight jump dismount on beam, and releve walks. 

Gym:Pre-School Gym

Ages 4-5.  We introduce the child to the basics of gymnastics training, and the basic terms and skills.

Skills: Straight swing dismount on bars, swing in tuck on bars, basic beam skills, plie walks on beam, cartwheel. and candlesticks. 

Gym:Pre-School Gym


Kinder Gym
Ages 5-6.  Children move on to harder and bigger challenges. KIndergym we build emotional and physical skills while teaching them what their bodies can do.

Skills: pike glide on bars, inverted hang on bars, straddle jumps on beam, pivot tuns, splits. bridges, round offs, and a backwards roll. 

Gym:Pre-School Gym


Developmental Kindergym
Ages 5-6.  In this class the athlete learns proper body positions, introductory skills,  and performs on all events. This class is a progression from the mini gym to beginner gymnastics in the big gym. 

Skills: pullover on bars, 1/2 lever on beam, straight jumps on beam, 3 cartwheels in a row. handstand, and forward roll cartwheel. 

Gym: Mini Gym/Big Gym

Developmental 1&2
Ages 6-14.  In this class the athlete learns proper body positions, introductory skills,  and performs on all events. This class is a progression from introductory gymnastics to beginner gymnastics.  D1 Skills: pullover, cast, back hip circle, stretch jump on beam, lever on beam, kneel cartwheel handstand on beam, handstand fall flat vault, forward roll, cartwheel, 3/4 handstand.  D2 skills: stride circle, leg cuts on bar, squat on bar dismount, side handstand on beam, snap turns on floor, bridge kick over, round off, backward roll to pike, handstand.

Gym:Big Gym

Middle School/High School

Developmental 3&4

Ages 8-16.  The athletes begin the important step towards harder gymnastics and physical development.  D3 skills:  glide swing, front hip circle, cast shoot through, leap on beam, side handstand with 1/4 turn on beam,  handstand forward roll, round off back handspring.  D4 skills: kips, squat on jump to high bar, long hang kip, cartwheel on beam, split jump beam, front handspring, back extension roll to handstand, full turn, and back walk over.

This class prepares the gymnast for competitive team at either Tri State or their Middle or High School team.  These athletes will learn
D4 or higher skills.

Gym:Big Gym



This class teaches basic tumbling that can be used in sports such as dance, cheerleading and/or martial arts.  Athletes will learn a handstand, bridge kick over, forward and back ward roll, cartwheel, round off and progressions for front and back handsprings and aerials

Gym:Big Gym

Back Handspring Class-Student should have bridge kickover

Back Tuck Class-Student should have back handspring

Pullover Class-open to all students


Team Level 1-10-invitation only

Gym:Big Gym






All our classes have the opportunity to earn skills ribbons for class specific skills and be highlighted for their achievement.

What to know for the 1st day:

Girls will wear a leotard, no shoes/jewelry and hair pulled back.  Boys are in shorts and a t shirt with no shoes.  When you arrive you can store your items in a cubicle in the lobby and wait in the parent viewing area for a coach to call you into the gym for class.  Parents can stay and watch through the viewing windows.  We do sell new and gently used leos.  Leos range in price from $10-$39

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